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TOMS™ Trackload.com Online Management System

TOMS™ Trackload.com Online Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TOMS™?
TOMS™ is a comprehensive, door-to-door tracking system designed for most freight forwarders. Additionally, TOMS™ has a revolutionary modular add-on that allows users to cut Airway Bills (AWBs) and prepare labels on-line.

Why use TOMS™?
Because TOMS™ is suited to your company:

To decrease communication costs;

To reduce demands on customer service;

To increase your market share;

To give your company a global presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does TOMS™ improve customer satisfaction?
Your customers can view the progress of all of their shipments without having to contact your company. In fact, the system can be set-up to keep them informed of the shipments status via e-mail.

What makes TOMS™ so different from our competitors?
TOMS™ has many advantages over our competitors because it is not merely a tracking system:

It allows authorized personnel to edit and update a shipments status.

It issues Air Waybills and PODs online.

It enables easier communication between different groups of TOMS™ users who can exchange shipment information electronically.

TOMS™, unlike many of our competitors, is completely browser-based and does not require the additional hardware or software to you existing system.

Who use TOMS™?
Our growing roster of clients includes a number of freight forwarders, manufacturers, agencies, carriers, and distributors, including the following the companies:    









   I Logistics






Is TOMS™ easy to use?
Yes. Anyone who has used the Internet is already familiar with TOMS™ browser-based system. It will be just a matter of minutes before your employees are both comfortable and proficient with TOMS™. Should you require any assistance, a single click of your mouse will take you directly to TOMS™ user-friendly Help Menu. Additionally, you may download our TOMS™ User Guide, and our Help Desk is always available to provide further assistance.

Does TOMS™ have help for first-time user?
Yes. There are many ways to assist our users to familiarize with TOMS™:

Hints are available at every input fields;

More detailed help is found by clicking on any term;

A Glossary is also accessible on every page; and if necessary

User Guide is downloadable from the page.

How much do TOMS™ and its associated support services cost?
Please contact our Sales Department either by e-mail or by phone (+420 233 029 512) for details on our pricing policies.

Once I buy TOMS™, will I be able to receive any support services?
Our team of experts is ready to assist you with the customization of your TOMS™ system and any technical support issues that may arise. For more information, please contact our Help Desk .

Can I try TOMS™ before I buy it?
Yes, of course, you can. Just click here to experience all TOMS™ has to offer.

What are the hardware and software requirements for Customers, Export Partners and Agents?
They must have a computer with Internet access, a login ID, and a password so that they may access the appropriate records. TOMS™ functions best with either Internet Explorer or Mozilla.

Do I have to re-key my information into TOMS™?
No. TOMS™ does it for you using our Automatic Update Interface. TOMS™ can be interfaced with your in-house freight system so that all shipments entered into your system will automatically appear in your online tracking database.

Is it possible to customize reports?
Yes. You may design reports to include whichever pieces of information are most important to you. Once you download the report, you may forward and save it in whatever format is most convenient for you - CSV, TXT, HTML, or Excel.

Can I notify customers who do not use TOMS™?
Yes. Whenever a shipment is modified, you will have the option of notifying other parties of the changes via pre-alert e-mail.

Who is allowed to change and update shipment information?
Whoever you assign a login ID and password - usually your staff and Export Partners - will be able to access and change information.

Is it possible to attach files to e-mails sent through TOMS™?
Yes. You can easily attach many types of files, including Word and Excel documents, cargo pictures, dock receipts, scanned invoice, and AWBs.

To Learn More about TOMS™, please click HERE.

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