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Password generator

Password Generator

The access password is literally the key to secure information and data. So why use the same obvious password over and over again?

Careful selection of a password is crucial. It must be invulnerable to attack by thieves. Unfortunately, using easy-to-remember codes, like a loved one’s name or birthday, leave you susceptible to thieves who can easily guess your password. Moreover, if you use the same password again and again and that password becomes compromised, anything protected by that code is placed at risk. Being creative and using a word from the dictionary does not help either. “Dictionary attacks” automatically and patiently run through every word in the dictionary until the code is cracked.

Today’s security needs demand impenetrable passwords that cannot be easily guessed.

Combining letters and numbers is the best way to ensure that you have the safest and most effective password possible. That’s why Trackload.com offers you this Password Generator.

The invaluable Password Generator produces random combinations of numbers and/or letters that are cryptographically strong passwords. Merely select the length of the password and whether you would like uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and/or numbers, and the Password Generator will create a code for you. This effectively allows you to eliminate the personal element that often makes it possible to crack a password and provides the security that you require.

…and, remember, regardless of what type of password you use, change it occasionally!