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TOMS™ Trackload.com Online Management System

TOMS™ Trackload.com Online Management System

TOMS™ is a comprehensive freight forwarding system that integrates both Import & Export procedures with modern Track and Trace software. Previous versions of TOMS™ focused primarily on Track and Trace activities and enhancing customer service. Our latest version of TOMS™ not only continues to Track and Trace shipments usefully but now includes a new feature: the Air Waybill Module, designed to ease the burden of administrative work.

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  • TOMS™ revolutionary new Air Waybill Module allows users to:

    Create Air Waybills online.

    Make Shipment Tracking Records.

    Track and Trace shipments.

    Download customized activity reports.

    Clone existing Air Waybills to save time.

    Find Air Waybills instantly.

    Print Air Waybills on the standard form or plain paper.

    Pre-alert interested parties via e-mail.

    Email Air Waybills.

    Make a record of the Shipment in your Export Partners TOMS™ system and save him the trouble of having to enter the information again.

    Save time and money through online communication.

    These are just a few of the advantages that TOMS™ has to offer, but they make it easy to understand why forwarders are increasingly using TOMS™ as their only secure and reliable source of information.