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TOMS™ Trackload.com Online Management System

TOMS™ Trackload.com Online Management System


TOMS™ is designed to improve productivity by simplifying common forwarding tasks:

Creating AWBs online

Cloning AWBs from preexisting ones

Multimodal (air, sea, or road) tracking

Round-the-clock tracking by PO number, MAWB, or HAWB & MBL

Round-the-clock tracking using criteria including, destination, origin, shipper, consignee, date, or time

Automatic pre-alert system via e-mail

Automatic proof of delivery (POD) system via e-mail

Automatic creation of shipment records in your partners TOMS™

Advanced reporting functions

Unlimited shipment comments fields

Editing features to accommodate changes to shipment status

Automatic access to airline tracking systems

Unique "Critical Shipment" option

Separate databases dedicated to individual clients accounts

Flexible to meet the demands of your business


More about TOMS™:

  • What's TOMS™?
  • FAQs
  • DEMO
  • User Guide (8MB PDF)

  • Benefits

    As well as improving productivity, TOMS™ can also enhance the quality of your customer service. Ultimately, better productivity and customer service lead to increased business and increased revenue.

    Integrated Import & Export module

    Automated, streamlined, and simplified common procedures

    Access to real-time information from anywhere at anytime

    Customer inquiries redirected online, reducing phone calls, faxing, and other traditional ways of communication.

    Cost effective and efficient Track & Trace services

    Unlimited technical support

    Reliable and secure information storage