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RapidTrack™ and CourierTrack™

RapidTrack™ and CourierTrack™

RapidTrack™ allows users to track MAWBs from over 100 airlines. Simply enter the MAWB number and RapidTrack™ will do the rest.

CourierTrack™ lets you and your customers track international courier shipments with any major international courier company with just a single click.

With these tools, you and your clients will no longer need to log into a particular airline or courierís web site to track a specific shipment. Instead, it can all be done from one web site.

Features and Benefits

These simple, easy-to-use, and effective tracking tools can be added to any web site. You should note that many of these features can increase your businessí marketability.

Track MAWBs with over 100 airlines

Track shipments sent with all the major courier companies

Provide customers with an incentive to return to your web site

Improve the quality of customer service

Receive unlimited technical support

Implement the system quickly and easily

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