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Trackload Solutions allow you to create Online AWBís and other range of Online forms, create tracking records, send e-mail pre alerts, issue PODís, and generate customized Activity Reports with just a click. In other words, we give you control over your shipments status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer in the world connected to Internet.

You can have absolute control over your manufacturing lines and can manage your warehousesí inventory effectively. Moreover, your clients and vendors will have access to the real-time information thatís essential to them.

Investing in our systems is not like investing in other systems. Often, companies purchase expensive and complex software that is only used for a fraction of the tasks it was designed to perform. That is NOT the type of software that Trackload.com offers. When you select Trackload.com software, you are investing in user-friendly programs that will make your staffís work easier, give you access to reliable information around the clock, and allow you to maintain effective communication with your clients, partners, and suppliers.

All of our services are centered around the concept of access to real-time information. To ensure that we can deliver this, all of Trackload.comís applications are Internet-based so that they are accessible from anywhere.

Currently, our programs are available in English and Spanish. However, we can customize our programs to fit your language needs within 30 days.

What are the technical requirements?

The minimum technical requirements for any of our services are:

Processor: 300Mhz or higher

Memory: 64MB Ram or more

Internet Connection: 56k dial-up access or higher for Internet hosted systems

Email: 1 e-mail address

Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4 or higher

How can I implement Trackload.comís Systems?

Add to an Existing Web Site

Any of Trackload.comís systems can be implemented in your existing web site within 72 hours. This can be done either by linking the program to your web site or by integrating it into it. Trackload.com will set up the system and provide all users with a User Guide. We can also provide on-site training for your staff if requested.

Single Page Implementation

If you do not wish to link one of our programs to your web site, Trackload.com will add a customized page to our own server, which both you and your customers can access. We offer this as a permanent solution, but many companies select this as a temporary option while they await the launch of their own web site.

Can I add/change any features of the program according to my needs?

Trackload.comís programs can be customized in a variety of ways to suit your business. Trackload.com is able to include additional fields that are relevant to either your regional business or your companyís area of expertise. For example, you may choose to include fields for supplementary customs information or for information required for your companyís operations. Also, we are able to remove or change fields that are unnecessary or do not fit your businessí needs.

The visual design of each system may also be customized so that it complements the layout of your web site and/or includes your corporate colors. If you wish, we will even remove the Trackload.com name, your customers will never see or hear the Trackload.com name if you wish.