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ULMS™ Ultimate Logistics Management System

ULMS™: Ultimate Logistics Management System

ULMS™ provides an invaluable resource to both your company and your clients. Not only is it an essential tool for managing your warehouse operations effectively and efficiently but it also gives your vendors access to real-time information that is key to their operations. Some of the systemís highlights include:

Features and Benefits

Completely Internet-based: The system was originally written for the Internet.

Multi-user: ULMS™ allows you to give system access to as many users as you would like.

Multilingual: The program is available in all languages

Scaleable: The system is adaptable and designed to meet the demands of your ever-changing and growing company.

Compatible: ULMS™ is compatible with almost all legacy systems

Platform: ULMS™ is a stand-alone system that uses a PHP / SQL platform. The program was not written in Excel or Access.

More about ULMS™:

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