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ULMS™ Ultimate Logistics Management System

ULMS™: Ultimate Logistics Management System

Frequently Asked Questions


Do we need software to use ULMS?
No. ULMS is a web-based system. You can have access at anytime, from anywhere, using a computer connected to the Internet.

If our customers request a different type of report than the ones available in ULMS reporting features, what can we offer them?
Please contact Trackload.com. We’ll customize the reports based on your customer’s request.


Our clients want to have accesses to ULMS. But they shouldn’t see other client’s inventory. Does ULMS allow having access rights levels?
Yes. You can give access to as many clients as you wish. The person with the Administrator’s status within your company can grant specific rights to every new user.

Does this mean our employees can have different user status?
Yes. There are four access-rights levels: “System management”, “Transaction”, “Reporting”, and “Invoicing”. You can choose various options within each of these levels and give access to certain information to a particular individual.

Can we use multiple currencies?
Yes, you can set currencies customer by customer. The Customer Invoice Report will show the selected currency.


Which kind of reports can we get from the system?
The most comprehensive Report, which includes all types of transactions, is the Time Period Report. You can also get other reports such as:

Inventory Dispatches

Inventory Receipts

Inventory Report

Inventory Feport with lots

Can we check our transactions for a certain period?
Yes. You can choose the specific period and time for which you would like to get a report. You can do this with all reporting functions.

Can we check the transaction for a specific part number?
Yes. You can choose part number from the configure view.

We spend so much time issuing invoices to our clients. Can ULMS help?
Yes. ULMS’ Customer Invoice Report automatically calculates the amount you should charge based on the transaction.

We need to show “damaged goods” separately from other goods in the report. Can ULMS show damaged goods separately?
You can set damaged goods as “non-conf.”. When you see one part number, they will appear in different column.

Some of our customers need to see multiple part numbers for the same exact item.
The system will allow you to establish up to three part numbers per item by default. If you need more, we’ll customize it for you.


Our customers require FIFO. Will ULMS allow me to comply with it?
ULMS can handle “lots”. Using lot numbers, you can manage FIFO easily.

Often, our customers request a variety of items to be dispatched. Do we have to enter all the information in ULMS?
No. If the requests are sent in Excel format you can copy data directly into ULMS. This is a very efficient way to eliminate key-in mistakes.

Can we set minimum quantities available for dispatching?
Yes. When you input a quantity that is lower than the minimum allowed, ULMS will warn you and show you the closest available quantity to dispatch.

We don’t use barcode system. How can we manage the locations?
You can set a default location and overflow location for each item.

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